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ANA CASTRO FEIJOO Buenos Aires, Argentina, [---------]1 [-][-] Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 1980 and 1996 traveled to various countries of the Americas, where it expands its research and know different cultures. He resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in Mexico City, Mexico, Los Angeles, California, USA; back after 18 years to his hometown, where he now continues his career. He works and teaches at his own studio. STUDIES studied with Maestro Aurelio...

Exhibitions carried out

  • 2021, Galeria 2020 Concejo Deliberante
  • 2021, Que circule lo bueno, Universidad de Belgrano
  • 2021, "Un poema una obra", galería Pasaje 865
  • 2021, Museo de arte contemporáneo Raul Lozza
  • 2019, Fundación Vocación Humana "El color del viento"
  • 2018, Honorable concejo Deliberante "Volvienfo a casa"
  • 2017, Art & design gallery, Miami Florida
  • 2017, Litho/grafias, Casa de Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Platra Argentina
  • 2016, Art & design gallery, Miami, Usa
  • 2015, Salón Nacional de artes visuales, Palais de glace, Argentina
  • 2015, Consulado argentino en New York, homenaje a León Ferrari, USA
  • 2014, Las mujeres pintan, invitada especial, Registro Civil 14 Bs. As. Argentina
  • 2013, Museo de arte contemporaneo Salta Argentina
  • 2012, Expo. Libro de artista, Museo E.Miccelli, Sta. Cruz Argentina
  • 2012, EGGO Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs.As. Argentina
  • 2011, Volviendo a casa, galería La guanaca azul, [-]rgentina
  • 2010, Gráfica Contemporánea, Museo Presidio de Usuhaia Argentina
  • 2010, Salón Nacional de artes Visuales, sección Textil, Palais de Glace Argentinad
  • 2009, Litho/grafias, Centro Cultural recoleta, Bs.As. Argentina
  • 2008, Salón Nacional de Tucumán, Museo Timoteo Navarro Argentina
  • 2008, Salón Jesús Nuñez, Fundación CIEC. Madrid, España

Awards received

  • 2008, 3º premio 97 salón Nacional de artes visuales
  • 2008, Mención de honor Salón Nacional de Tucumán, Museo Timoteo Navarro
  • 2008, Premio Jesus Nuñez", Fundación CIEC Madrid,España
  • 2005, Carmen Arozena Feria de arte Contemporaneo "Estampa" Madrid España
  • 2005, Mención de Honor, Salón Nacional de Cipolletti Argentina
  • 2005, Bienal de grabado Aquiterme Italia
  • 1998, Mecnión de Honor Salón Nacional de artes visuales, Bs.As. Argentina
  • 1993, !9 annual Juried Show, Los Angeles, Ca. USA
  • 1990, 2º premio Salón Brasilero de diseño, Brasil
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Photo of Ana  Castro Feijoo Argentina

ANA CASTRO FEIJOO Buenos Aires, Argentina, [---------]1 [-][-] Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 1980 and 1996 traveled to various countries of the Americas, where it expands its research and know different cultures. He resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in Mexico City, Mexico, Los Angeles, California, USA; back after 18 years to his hometown, where he now continues his career. He works and teaches at his own studio. STUDIES studied with Maestro Aurelio Macci, in Buenos Aires Argentina. Universidade de Belas Artes Escola de Artes Parque Lage visuais \"Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Advances stages of painting \"De Cordova Museum, Boston, USA Painting\" Boston Museum, Boston, USA. Engraving, Mercedes Escobar, Mexico criticizes Gorriarena force with Carlos, Buenos Aires Shop Argentina AXA recorded lithographic workshop, Buenos Aires Graphic Center editions Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina AWARDS 08 National Exhibition of Visual Arts Museum, 3 rd prize Palais de Glace Buenos Aires Argentina, Fundacion CIEC, Madrid Spain, .05 Arozena Carmen, Madrid, Spain 05 Recorded Mention, National Exhibition of Cipolletti, Black River, Argentina. 05 Mention, Biennial of Engraving, Aquit, Italy April 1 st prize fund CNSI national arts award CNSI 02/01 ° national arts fund. 98 Mention, National Exhibition XXXIV, visual arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina 93 3 º prize for painting, \"l9 Annual Juried Show\", Los Angeles, California, USA 86 2nd prize in painting, Municipal Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 84 Bronze Medal, section drawing, National Hall, Assoc Brazilian design, Rio, Brazil. EXHIBITION Hall 08 National Visual Arts, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires. Argentina, Fundación CIEC, Madrid Spain, Living Nac.Guaman poma Entre Rios Argentina. Estampa 07, 2007 Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid Spain In Gallery 07, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina 06-Teresa Gibert Chelita Gallery Anchorena, Palermo Soho, Argentina National Exhibition, Museo Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina Casa Principal Salazar, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain International small engraving, Florida Museum, Romania. Retzhof museum, Austria. Museum Gallery Lendova, Slovenia VI International Women\'s Conference, Luncherhaus, Austria 05 Expotrastienda 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina \"XIII STAMP 2005\", Spain XXVI Hall \"2005 Villa Constitución, Santa Fe, Argentina. Award Arozena Carmen, Madrid, Spain National Art Exhibition Cipolletti, Black River, Argentina Small hall format Florean Museum, Romania recorded Latin American Biennial, Graz, Austria Invited to the \"VI International Women\'s Conference\", Graz, Austria. Biennial of Engraving Aquit \"Aquit, Italy. 04 National Exhibition of Visual Ares, Museo Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Transarte Gallery, Buenos Aires Argentina. Marca 04, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Individual 03 \"Bacano art and design\", Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires Municipal Hall Argentina Manuel Belgrano, Sivori Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 02 National Salon of Visual Arts, prints and drawings, Palais de Glace Buenos Aires Argentina Biennial of Prints and Drawings, Museum Guaman Poma, Entre Ríos. Argentina 01 XIII Biennial in San Juan de Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and Latin American recorded 00 Manuel Belgrano Municipal Hall, Eduardo Sivori Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina Single \"Gallery Adriana Budich \"Lithograph 00 Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina, Centro Cultural Virla Flavio, Tucumán, Argentina 99 City Hall, Manuel Belgrano, Museo Eduardo Sivori. Buenos Aires, Argentina National Exhibition of small format recording, Rio Gallegos, Argentina 98 XXXIV National Exhibition of prints and drawings, Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires Argentina. Fundacao Joaquim Nabuco, Lithograph invited Argentina, Brazil Recife. Argentina lithography, etching Museum, guest, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recoleta Cultural Center Exhibition \"Women,\" recorded at the invitation, Buenos Aires Argentina Argentina 97 10 lithographers in Milan, invited, Milan, Italy National Museum of engraving, guest, Buenos Aires Argentina National Salon of Visual Arts, recording section, Viedma, Argentina \"The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin-American Art Miami Florida, USA 95\" Ramada Hotel \" Thousand Oaks, invited, Los Angeles CA USA 94 Individual \"Del Corral gallery\" Beverley Hills, invited, CA USA 93 Individual \"Charles Hesp Gallery San Francisco, USA\" The Michael Stone Collection, Washington, USA. 92 \"19 Annual Juried Fine Arts Show\", Westlake Village CA USA 90/84 exhibited in various galleries and salons from USA, Mexico and Brazil

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